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Our journey to elevate healthcare

In 2016, Syllable emerged from a bold, singular vision: to revolutionize communication between individuals and businesses. We quickly identified a critical need within the healthcare sector, where outdated phone systems were the standard. At Syllable, we recognized not just a challenge, but a significant opportunity to make a difference.

Today, Syllable stands at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare communication, engaging with millions of Americans through both text and voice. Our AI-driven platform expertly navigates inquiries about primary care, specialty referrals, vaccinations, and general practice information.

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Mountain View, CA
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55 Syllables
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12 states
“The mission of Syllable enables me to focus my professional energy each and every day on helping healthcare systems improve their patients’ and hardworking staff’s experience.  I am passionate about access to care and service to others to improve our world’s most important and precious asset - our health.”
Catherine Krna
COO & President
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Recognized by CB Insights in 2022 as a top healthcare startup, Syllable stands out among 7,000 companies for innovation and market impact. Our success is built on strong R&D, strategic partnerships, and groundbreaking technology.

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“Digital health startups have huge challenges breaking into the entrenched healthcare industry. Syllable - with its uniquely deep partnerships with large hospital systems - has a real shot at breaking into the industry and creating meaningful change. I’m excited to be a part of this opportunity.”
Nikhil Bikhchandani
Senior Software Engineer
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“Any conversation with any team member – regardless of role or experience – can lead to the creation of our next major feature. It’s exciting to collaborate with such creative problem solvers for the benefit of patients in an industry that needs modernization.”
Alyssa Lorenzo
Project Manager
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Our accolades

Frost & Sullivan 2023
Best Practices Award for Conversational AI for Patients, Enabling Technology Leadership
Avia Marketplace 2023
Best in Conversational AI
Fortune 2021, 2022, 2023
Great Place to Work certification
Fortune 2022
Best Workplaces in Healthcare
CB Insights 2022
Top 100 AI Startups

Be a Syllable

Embody these qualities? We believe you'd be an impeccable fit for our family. Dive into a world where technology meets compassion, and make your mark with Syllable.

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Innovation Instinct

We’re on the frontier of AI healthcare. Your fresh perspectives and daring ideas are not just welcomed—they're celebrated.

Collaborative Spirit

At Syllable, every voice matters. A true 'Syllable' thrives in synergy, contributing to our shared vision while respecting the insights of others.

Technical Tenacity

The AI landscape is ever-evolving. We seek those with an insatiable curiosity and the resilience to navigate the intricate tapestry of enterprise health tech.

Healthcare Heartbeat

A genuine passion for enhancing healthcare experiences sets our team apart. We're not just building tech; we're making a tangible difference.

Adaptable Agility

The startup journey is filled with twists and turns. Adaptability, flexibility, and a solutions-focused mindset are the hallmarks of a true 'Syllable'.

Our benefits

Mental Health Coverage
401k Matching
Paid Time Off
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“I'm proud to be part of a talented, empathetic team that transforms health processes. The blend of innovation and empathy makes our work both inspiring and impactful: simplifying intricate workflows and increasing accessibility. At Syllable, our commitment extends beyond technology; it's about enhancing lives, and I'm excited to contribute to this meaningful mission.”
Cindy Shon
Visual, Motion Designer
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“Syllable leverages technology to streamline the patient experience in our complex healthcare system. It's invigorating to be part of a team that enhances healthcare using tech. Seeing the beneficial impact of my efforts on individuals is rewarding.”
Judy Zaratan
Software Engineer
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