Patient Assistant - Scheduling Skill
Streamline the process for patients and health systems.
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Appointments are one of the most important units of production and measures of success within provider organizations.

Unfortunately, it takes over 11 minutes to schedule an appointment at a cost of $18 to a hospital. The Patient Assistant Scheduling skill streamlines and simplifies the front door to care, allowing health systems to attract more patients, book more appointments, and boost business.

Patients want access to digital tools and services that are easy-to-use and reliable.

Leveraging the Patient Assistant Scheduling skill allows health systems to meet patients where they are and eliminate pain points from accessing the front door to care. In turn, health systems will make significant improvements in process efficiency and cost reduction, as well as patient and employee satisfaction.

Physician referrals: reduce patient leakage and improve quality of care.

Transferring care is a critical part of a patient’s healthcare journey with the potential to impact their overall experience. The Scheduling Skill eliminates analog processes to facilitate referrals and greatly reduce patient leakage.

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