Patient Assistant - Rx Refill Skill
Alleviate headaches for patients and staff.
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A US hospital system with 1,000+ physicians can spend up to $44M a year managing Rx refill requests alone.

The Patient Assistant Prescription Refill skill automates a traditionally analog process, allowing hospitals to improve the patient experience while increasing staff efficiency and gaining up to 3X return on investment.

Transform a frustrating process with the purpose-built Prescription Refill skill.

As patients grow more informed and empowered, they will seek out healthcare providers that are able to provide end-to-end streamlined, frictionless experiences that mirror what they already see in retail, travel, and personal finance.

By automating prescription refill requests, hospitals have the potential to improve the overall patient experience; increase staff efficiency and satisfaction; unlock the value of existing EHR data; and significantly lower overhead costs.

An automated prescription refill experience benefits patients and business.

Patient calls into a health system
Patient receives SMS message with link to portal
Patient completes simple web form with pre-populated info
Hospital staff receives form takes action to refill RX

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