For the past four years Syllable has been building a digital assistant that improves the patient experience to be less frustrating and more convenient. Today, we announced a Series B financing led by Vig Chandramouli and Oak HC/FT, a leader in healthtech venture investment, which will accelerate our progress towards realizing this vision. 

At Syllable we are passionate about solving challenges that lead to a poor patient experience with healthcare customer service outside the hospital setting. Most people can relate to the struggle to find relevant information amongst thousands of web pages. Or calling their provider and wading through countless robo menus only to be placed on hold for long periods of time or reach a full voicemail box. Basic needs for patients seeking care, such as scheduling an appointment, are unnecessarily complex and time consuming.

Similarly for healthcare providers and healthcare systems, the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a very challenging time. Call volumes increased overnight. Urgent patient inquiries escalated. It was a perfect storm to shine a spotlight on a long standing problem. The pandemic has underscored the need for transformation. 

At Syllable we simplify the process for patients to get access to care. We also make it easier for healthcare providers to provide access to information and care. We have built an artificially intelligent assistant that is always available to the patient or caregiver. Our assistant works with doctors, nurses and administrative staff. Our assistant enables better access to care for everyone while striving for inclusiveness and focusing on the patient. We close the gap between patients and the next step on their health journey.

The time has come to leave behind the many obsolete functions of the hospital contact center. To replace robo menus and overflowed voicemail boxes. To remove outdated backend technologies and data silos in healthcare that hinder better and more actionable information for patients and providers.

Healthcare customer service desperately needs transformation. The Syllable team is ready to face this challenge with empathy, grit, patience and tremendous experience. Our partnership with Oak HC/FT enables us to bring meaningful change to more patients and healthcare systems by leveraging our technology and our team of dedicated technologists and healthcare practitioners. We could not be more excited about this next chapter of growth for Syllable.