Executive / Administrative Business Partner

Finance & Operations • Sunnyvale, CA


Exciting opportunity to build your career as an Executive / Administrative Business Partner at Syllable.

You will be working with the core executive team at a rapidly growing healthcare technology company in Silicon Valley, California. The executive team comprises former Google, Stanford, Ebay and IBM executives, an exciting opportunity to work with some of the best executives. This position is full-time in person at the head office in Sunnyvale.

You will focus on business operations and activities that supports the executive team and keeps our internal teams moving forward.

While supporting the needs of the executive team and staying focused on the leadership projects, you will assist management operationally to identify and address operational challenges before they arise.

Being professional and able to respond quickly to the needs of the executive team is essential. You should have experience and knowledge to strategically support your executive projects. You have to be organized and analytical, and use judgment and communication skills needed to interact with a number of internal stakeholders at Syllable and external stakeholders, that include partner executives and their business partners.

Our values include

Respect, we respect ourselves and those we serve in healthcare. We watch, listen and learn.

Excellence, we strive for excellence in our work and our relationships

Efficiency, we are mindful of how we utilize time and resources within healthcare

Transparency, we provide clarity, simplicity and honesty to all information and ensure nothing is obscured

Accessibility, we believe all people should have easy access to clear information to navigate healthcare and make informed decisions

Empathy, our technology is created for people. We work to understand and address people's needs with compassion


  • Manage internal executive staff meetings, strike team rollups, onsite company meetings and all hands meetings.
  • Internal organizational management. As we are growing, we need to implement and adjust processes for managing the org, quarterly planning of objectives and key results and reporting of company performance.
  • Manage external meetings, webinar and speaking engagements, venture capital engagements, industry events, summits and partner conferences.
  • Assist with external customer success. Our relationship with customers is very important and the executive team has annual or quarterly reviews with CEOs, CIOs and COOs of top health systems in the US. Working with the office of executives of our customers to plan reviews and create agendas is a growing part of our workload.
  • Internal organizational management. As we are growing, we need to implement and adjust processes for managing the org, quarterly planning of objectives and key results and reporting of company performance.
  • Build efficiency and effective responsiveness into existing executive operations, and help define new operational strategies.
  • Serve as a program lead for, and manager of, multiple executive projects relating to organization projects and administrative projects across product, engineering and operations teams.
  • Coordinate operations between satellite offices


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • 3 years of direct executive support, administrative operations management, non-technical project management, or corporate event planning experience.
  • Ability to perform within confinds of confidentiality on all business matters.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience prioritizing multiple functions, tasks, and managing work time efficiently.
  • Ability to consistently contribute fast growing organization.
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to take initiative and build excellent, productive relationships.


Since 2017, the Syllable team comprises healthcare and technology experts that are passionate about product design, engineering, and operational excellence. Our investors include TCV, OakHC/FT, Section 32 and Verily/Alphabet. We are lifelong learners, ending each day together with the question: “What did we learn today and what can we do better?” We show up with humility and a collaborative spirit every day, because we are tackling an important yet challenging problem in healthcare that requires talent and grit.

We offer our employees competitive salary and equity and the following benefits:

  • 401(k) plan with employer match
  • Comprehensive health, dental and vision insurance comparable to major technology companies
  • Supplemental mental health benefit
  • 15 vacation days plus 11 company holidays
  • Career coaching for every employee

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